this is me

i am kind and i had short hair and my hair black and my eye is brown sometime i feel shy a lot but i dont sometime i had a hard time my work and i had lot of friend and i short my favorite food is pizza i am funny i am cute sometime i nce and i alway play with my sister my favortie color is pink i listen to the adult and i use to move flordia now i live calfornia i had 3 dog and i had a little brother and i had a cousin sometime i crazy and funny but i still good and i feel specail and i feel love and i feel happy


all about me

I am fun and i am a helpful

I lived in Florida and now
I live California

I miss Florida

I miss Auntie Connie,Uncle Benny
and cousin B.J.

I miss the beach

I miss my dog, Sassy

She was a good dog
and she has a new family now

My new dog in California
changed my life

I love my dog, Max

My dog is angel

He is my best friend

Max is the ligth of my

I used to go home to quiet

Now I go home to my circus clown my

funny dog

“Come here buddy I
have dog food for you !”

I like the panting of my dog after
he catches the ball

When I Pet him
he,s soft like a cotton ball

Max always makes me happy

I hear him call my name when he cries
to go for a walk

I feel love when
he kisses my cheek

you bring out the kid with me

where i from
i move to some were like to clean i did dish and i alway walk my dog my favorite food is pizza i feel happy i with my family my mom been so kind to me i feel so happy and special dad alway say kayla wash the dish and i had 3 chiauna i alway play with them all of time i spend time with them my sister they alway play with me and i play with them back and me and my sister alway have fun togther and laugh togther me and my cousin was funnny joke it was funny and that make me laugh